An Agent of the King

An Agent of the King is the first of a series of thrillers set in the early years of the Napoleonic Wars.

Set in the violent murky world of espionage with murders, assasinations and devilish plots this novel introduces a new fiction hero, Archie Dexter. Dexter is a man of integrity and intelligence, a man who challenges the social conventions of the age. Fiercely loyal to his King and friends he is nevertheless a man who believes in challenging life and is as happy cruising the brothels of London as he is sweeping ladies off their feet at a lavish summer ball.

The novel is woven into the historical tableau of these tempestuous years to produce a fascinating and exciting page turner. Dexter combines the dashing if slightly reluctant hero of Sharpe with the sense of self preservation and hedonistic pleasure seeker that is Harry Flashman.